Bob Sinclar – Far l’amore

Bob Sinclar (born Christophe Le Friant; 10 May 1969) is a French record producer, house music DJ, remixer and the owner of the label Yellow Productions. He is known for popularising the “French touch” of house music with heavy use of sampled and filtered disco strings. He describes his musical style as inspired by “peace, love, and house-music”. Several of Sinclar’s songs have become international hits, being particularly popular in Europe. Some of his most popular hits include “Love Generation” with Gary Pine and “World, Hold On” with Steve Edwards.


The accompanied video featured Sinclar and his date, actress/model Caterina Murino, preparing to go to his own party in Milan, Italy. They are detoured by a taxi driver who they just hailed after learning that he is not from Milan and uses a map of the city to find the directions, leading Caterina to argue with him. At the same time, everyone who just showed up for the party, including Raffaella Carrà herself, are wondering where is Sinclar and if he will show up for his own event. After song ends, Sinclar and Murino finally show up but everyone has since left; the two decide to spend time around Milan together.


“Far l’amore” is a total classic with vocals by Italian singer Raffaella Carrà sampled from her most popular song A far l’amore comincia tu. It was released on 17 March 2011 and peaked at #6 in Italy.

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