Romania’s Queen of Pop hits a new all-time low with Cola Song

Inna has just released her new single which features Columbian reggaeton singer J Balvin. The song is so cheesy that it makes you want to weep into your glass of cola. I wouldn’t be surprised if Coco-Cola sued for damages. J Balvin has yet to score a hit outside of USA, Columbia & Romania and stands little chance with this monster. The accompanying video is the usual thing we have come to expect from Inna with her dancing (rather badly) in various swim wear all of which is very pleasing to the eye. Inna is HOT and she knows it!It worried me when Inna re-invented herself as “The Club Rocker” and I still don’t get it. WTF is a club rocker? The album however did have a couple of gems on it such as “Endless” & “Wow”. Sadly, it’s all gone downhill from there with the very mediocre album “Party Never Ends” and I fear for the next one. Inna has just signed to Atlantic Records and will soon release her forth studio album “Latinna”, get it? – Lat-Inna! Oh dear.

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