The Beautiful Huawei W1 Stainless Steel Classic Smartwatch

Until now I have resisted buying a smartwatch. They just haven’t wowed me in the slightest and I’m not a fitness freak so they had nothing to offer me.

What I wanted was a watch that looked like a watch, looked beautiful and had features that gave me benefits. I am a gadget freak so I am always looking for something new and recently I came across the Huawei W1 Smartwatch and I was wowed. I took the plunge and made my purchase from Amazon (I could always send it back!) and received it the very next day. I know packaging isn’t that important but this watch is presented in style which immediately made me think quality. I opted for the stainless steel bracelet which looks gorgeous and tried it on only to find it was way too big. Here lies the first problem. You cannot adjust the strap without a tool and the said tool is not supplied with the watch. I kinda wish that was pointed out in the product description but to be fair Amazon did suggest that you could (not should) purchase the two together. The other option would be to take the watch to a jewellers and have them charge between £10 – £15 to do it for you. I decided to buy the tool for £4.99 and get it the next day. Removing links from the strap is fiddly but not too difficult and be very careful to remove the bars  in the correct direction as shown on the strap itself and replace in the opposite direction. Also, the bars have tiny boots that need to be inserted into one of the holes on the link before you make the connection. These boots will only fit one hole in the link so you don’t need to remember where it came from.


5 Stars (5 / 5)

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